Women’s Tactical Division

  • Sub 11min/mile in Full Kit, or sub 9:15 mile slick
  • Ability to move a 125# bag (pull, drag, lift to waist height).
  • Ability to climb a rope in full kit.
  • Perform tasks with odd objects weighing 45-135# for a duration of 8-12 min consistently
  • Generally in good physical condition, and able to complete functional fitness workouts “RX”.
  • Red Dot sights allowed on pistols

Notes:  The Tactical Division is based around distance/weights that are likely to be encountered in a LEO/MIL setting.  This division is open to Civilians/LEO/MIL/Everyone, but is intended to fill the gap between intermediate and Elite.  The Tactical Games understands that Tactical Athletes need to be able to return to work healthy and ready to go after a weekend of competition.  If you have not competed in a TTG before we strongly recommend competing in Tactical before moving to Elite for any athlete/shooter of any experience level.