Same gear requirements as journeyman with a 12lb minimum gear weigh-in dry (no perishable items such as magazines, water or food).  Physical obstacles can be skipped for a time penalty with weights topping out at 80-120lbs depending on the physical challenge.


You are an everyday person, you have the guns & gear but feel something needs improvement.  75% of the shooting will be within your capability, but you will stretch your firearms further than most of you ever have.  Weights will top out around 120-140lbs depending on the physical challenge.  Physical obstacles can be skipped, but… Continue reading Journeyman


Top shooters and pro athletes apply here.  Nothing is absent in your capabilities; you can shoot with the best and have the physical conditioning to keep up.  You are going to put everything on the table each stage; there will be more shooting and the physical elements will be harder than other divisions.  Skipping any… Continue reading Pro


 Some people don’t care to compete in gear, that’s ok we’ve got a division for you.  Bring the bare necessities and come on out, as long as you can carry up to 3 mags of rifle and pistol you are set.  Weights and shooting will be the same as the “journeyman” division, you have the… Continue reading Slick