Equipment Divisions

5.4.1 Firearms must be of a factory configuration. Prototype firearms are specifically prohibited. Internal and External modifications are allowed, provided the modifications do not alter the original function and
operation of the firearm.

5.4.2 Handgun Handgun holsters must be a practical/tactical carry style and must safely retain the handgun during vigorous movement and must completely cover the trigger. Revolver holsters must completely cover the trigger and the cylinder. The belt upon which the handgun holster is attached must be worn at waist level. Shoulder holsters and cross-draw holsters are prohibited. Belly bags or “fanny packs” are prohibited as they do not adequately protect the trigger from being depressed while in the bags. Electronic sights, optical sights, and extended sights are prohibited, with the exception of a slide mounted red dot ONLY IN INTERMEDIATE OPTICS DIVISION. Magazines length may not exceed 170mm in the case of single column magazines and may not exceed 140mm in the case of staggered column magazines. Calibers Allowed: 9mm, 40s&w, 45acp

5.4.3 Rifle Not more than one (1) magnified or non-magnified electronic or optical sight is permitted. Use of not more than one (1) set of backup irons is permitted. Supporting devices (bipods, etc.) are prohibited. Compensators and muzzle brakes are not permitted. A2 or Birdcage muzzle devices, three-pronged or four-pronged devices are permitted. Suppressors are permitted but must stay on the weapon throughout the event. Drum magazines are prohibited. Magazine capacity is limited to 32 rounds. Oversized or extended magazine base pads are prohibited. Coupled magazines are prohibited. Bipods or any type of stabilization devices are prohibited. Steel bolt carrier groups (BCG) only are permitted. No aluminum, titanium, or other types of BCGs will be allowed. A magnet can and will be used to check weapons systems at the discretion of the match Director at any time throughout the event to determine if a weapon system is in compliance with these rules. AS OF 12/3/2020 This rule no longer applies. Athletes may use any type of bolt carrier, however the function of the rifle remains 100% the athletes responsibility. Rifle Calibers Allowed: 223/5.56 and 300blk only.

5.5 The Tactical Games reserves the right to withdraw a title, trophy, or prize from any competitor at any time, if it is determined that they cheated, used unauthorized equipment, used an advantage not allowed under the rules or the spirit of the Games, or acted in an unethical way in connection with The Tactical Games or its events.