Boise Skirmish Nov 23

November 23 - 23, 2024

14010 E. Double Tapp Lane
Boise, Idaho 83716

Match starts November 23rd at 8am and ends at 2pm.

14010 E Double Tapp Lane
Boise, ID 83716

This event will consist of 2 fitness and shooting stages and 2 action shooting stages. This event is going to be very similar to what a competitor would see at a regional Tactical Games event, so it is the perfect place to get introduced to the sport or to get some extra reps in to prep for a regional event.

Gear needed:
Mag Pouches
Plate Carrier
Mags for rifle and pistol
Ear Protection
Eye Protection
A2 Flash hider/ forward directing muzzle device.

150 rounds per weapon system (300 total)