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September 25 - 26, 2021

Ever wondered what it would feel like to run through Chernobyl?
Even if you haven’t, GTI is a decommissioned nuclear processing facility (don’t worry, it never actually went active we swear). It is the ultimate urban CQB environment.  Keep your head on a swivel as you navigate the complex maze of towers, tunnels and machinery during your battle to find and eliminate hostiles.  This is one of the few locations where battles can be done inside the building utilizing UTM’s (provided by TTG), allowing athletes the  use of their weapons safely at indoor contact distances to targets.


Government Training Institute (GTI)

1321 Technology Drive

Barnwell, SC, 29812

United States

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Open in Google Maps

Government Training Institute (GTI)

1321 Technology Drive, Barnwell, SC 29812, USA, ,

Government Training Institute (GTI)


The Government Training Institute (GTI) was founded in 2003 to address needs of state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States with research based training. The Joint Operations Center (JOC) at GTI is a radiologically sterile former Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Plant and the only training center of its kind in North America. The JOC gives groups the opportunity to train inside a real nuclear complex and offers the most advanced real world options for CQC and CBRNE training that is unparalleled anywhere. The buildings at the JOC offer an incredibly diverse training environment and are all 360° Simunition® and SRTA capable. Internal and external breach points allow for manual, ballistic, exothermic and explosive breaches.

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