Tactical Games University – Phoenix, AZ

August 13 - 14, 2022

Tactical Games University TGU Phoenix, AZ Race Description


Tactical Games University-

As the saying goes, “there is no substitute for experience.” The Tactical Games University delivers students concise instruction based on proven techniques that will elevate any athlete to the top of their game. Whether it be a Tactical Games event, an action shooting match, or a real-world application, The Tactical Games University has the staff and curriculum to help athletes rise to the occasion. Remember, there is No Off Season!

The Tactical Games University is a two day course designed to enhance the tactical athlete’s ability in marksmanship and fitness. Proven skills and techniques to help you optimize your next Tactical Games performance.

This course focuses on marksmanship and efficient movement. You will learn how to quickly and smoothly build and transition into and out of various shooting positions. As well as, equipment selection and set-up, weapon system manipulation, utilizing barricades and tank traps, shooting at angles,  and much more. This class is for anyone who previously competed, wants to compete or wants to become more proficient. We have had students in their 60’s attend this class and perform very well. Be prepared to learn in the classroom then apply what you’ve just learned on the firing line.

When:  Saturday Aug 13: 8am to 6p

Sunday Aug 14: 8am to 4pm


Ben Avery Shooting Facility

4044 W Black Canyon Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85086

Round Count: 300/300


Ben Avery Shooting Facility

4044 West Black Canyon Boulevard

Phoenix, AZ, 85086

United States

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Ben Avery Shooting Facility

Ben Avery Shooting Facility, West Black Canyon Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ, USA, ,