David Theriot

My name is David Theriot and I will be heading the Friday Night Lights Program for The Tactical Games. I am a 12 year veteran of the United States Army with 2 tours of duty in my service (1 combat, 1 peacekeeping). I have been coaching athletes through a multitude of disciples including, but not limited to Crossfit, Endurance Sports, Military Proficiency Courses…etc for the better part of the last decade and serving as head coach and trainer for several gyms along the way. I currently own and operate 3 fitness businesses (2 physical, 1 online), 1 healthy meal prep business, and work as a business consultant for a handful of up and coming training entities and meal prep companies. My goal is to take the wealth of knowledge I have acquired through years of trial and error and aid our TTG affiliate network grow there membership and communities.