Megan Kennedy

I have been a law enforcement officer in NC for the past 10 years. On top of my normal patrol duties, I have been a member of my agency’s SERT (Sheriff’s Emergency Response team) since May of 2018 and I currently hold the female state record for the Police Officer Physical Abilities Test in NC. I am also a certified instructor with specialization in L.E. physical fitness.

Sports and competing have always been a passion. Growing up I played a sport every season and into adulthood, I ventured into marathons, boxing and rowing. After college, I was fortunate enough my sister decided to join me in NC, open a gym and the love for competing continued in CrossFit and Powerlifting competitions.

Shortly after making the SERT team, I found The Tactical Games in 2019. It combined the love for shooting and fitness I was looking for and my training has been geared toward it ever since. I have competed in 10 events, stood on the podium in every event and won women’s elite division at nationals in 2021.

Alongside competing I have been on the other side of TTG where I have RO’d 7 events and been an instructor at both Athlete Camps.