David Theriot

My name is David Theriot and I will be heading the Readiness Program for The Tactical Games. I am a 12 year veteran of the United States Army with 2 tours of duty in my service (1 combat, 1 peacekeeping). I have been coaching athletes through a multitude of disciples including, but not limited to… Continue reading David Theriot

Callerina Key

Hello! My name is Callerina Key. I am a Chiropractor and ex collegiate track and field athlete. I started competing in The Tactical Games in 2019 and I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn a whole lot from shooters who are much much better than I am. When it comes to anything related to movement,… Continue reading Callerina Key

Sal Hernandez

I’ve been a police officer for 10 years and have been assigned to a full-time SWAT team for the past 6 years. I heard about The Tactical Games while at a SWAT competition and knew it would be a great way to improve as a Tactical Athlete. I competed in my first Tactical Games in… Continue reading Sal Hernandez

Jacob Heppner

5x Crossfit Games Male Individual Athlete. Undefeated 1-0 Boxer.  Mediocre Shooter.  Father to a Corgi.  What I excel at is programming and preparing folks from the physical perspective – whether it’s getting your ready for competing in the Crossfit Games, or being prepared for whatever is thrown at you for the Tactical Games – this is… Continue reading Jacob Heppner