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Zulu is a complete protein designed without any fillers. It delivers everything your body needs for maximum muscle growth and reduced fatigue. We’ve engineered Zulu with the right amount and ratio of BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids), needed to initiate Muscle Protein Synthesis, which repairs muscle damage caused by intense exercise and results in muscular growth. 

We use a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio of Leucine:Isolecuine:Valine in our Zulu protein. BCAAs are the most advantageous acids in the synthesis process and these amino acids are critical in the muscle building process as they are the building blocks of protein and muscles cannot grow without them. Leucine is the top performer of the three due to its ability to jump start the Muscle Protein Synthesis, contributing to major muscular growth. 

We have included digestive enzymes to aid your body in breaking down the whey protein and allowing it to feed your muscles with the amino acids they need in order to grow. There is a short window for this process, and we take advantage of all of it. 

We use a crossflow microfiltered whey isolate so that you are getting the most efficient and effective product. We have removed the larger and less absorbable protein molecules, while also filtering out the unwanted unhealthy fat and lactose that are present in lower quality protein powders. We get straight to delivering clean and proper nutrition to your body. 

There is no time to waste. Maximize every training session. 

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