The Tactical Games Scoring

The Tactical Games scoring is designed to weight each battle equally on a 100 point scale.  How you finish on that 100 Point scale is a direct representation of how you performed compared to the top score in your division.  Weighing each battle on a 100 point scale is important so that one battle does not dominate the event.  Then your points across the event (usually 6 battles) are totaled up to give you a points total.  The scores are reflected in a percentage of first place giving final scores.

Your time is converted to seconds, and your total penalties (mainly 10sec per miss) are added to the time.

 What this looks like on a sample battle:

Competitor A-

Time-  8:30  Misses- 11


Time- 510sec  Misses 110sec

Total Score-

620 seconds

Competitor B-

Time- 7:13  Misses- 8


Time- 433sec  Misses- 80sec

Total Score-

513 seconds

To get the final stage score competitor A’s score will receive a percentage of points based off competitor B’s winning score.

(513/620)100= 82.74%

This means that competitor A’s final score on the battle will be 82.74 points, which is a direct representation of their performance compared to competitor B who will earn a score of 100% for winning the battle.


This scoring system is also based off of a 100 pt per battle system and works integrated with the primary scoring system of TTG as outlined above.  This system will be used in AMRAP style events where points will be awarded for hits and pre established partitions in the physical event. 


Athlete A-

Shooting Points: 98  Physical Points: 103

Points Total: 201

Athlete B-

Shooting Points: 87 Physical Points 105

Points Total: 192

Competitor B will be earn a percentage score based on competitor A’s winning score.  

(192/201)100= 95.52% or 95.52 Points