TTG Training Day

TTGTD is geared towards learning and training to be better at specific aspects of competing in The Tactical Games. These days will consist of a morning brief, a shooting warm up, 3 shooting drills, and a mock stage that can be run multiple times.

  • Affiliate POC/Instructor
    • Competed 2x
    • Volunteered 1x
  • Equipment Requirement:
    • 2-10 Target Stands or pieces of steel
    • Few pieces of physical equipment (anything works, we can also get a discounted package for you)
  • Range:
    • Ability to host 5-30 at one time
    • Ability to shoot 40-100yd (minimum) with rifle
    • Ability to shoot 5-15yd with pistol
  • Yearly Affiliation Fee:
    • $500/yr for the first 10 affiliates
    • $750/yr for the next 10 affiliates
  • Per Event:
    • $10/shooter with a cap of $120.
  • Branding Pack with Licensing Rights
  • Special Affiliate Equipment Pricing
  • Advertising on IG page
  • Advertising on TTG website
  • Monthly meetings to discuss the following month’s programming and how to execute effectively and efficiently. 
  • Access to TTG event specific RE Factor targets
  • 3x monthly drills
  • 1x monthly stage
  • Provide a POC who is responsible for:
    • Communicating with TTG with numbers and feedback from each Training Day event.
    • Paying invoices within 14 days of receipt 
  • Be on monthly calls 
  • Provide a safe learning environment for all participants

Interested in becoming a TTG Training Day host? Email

TTG Training Day Dates

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