TTG Compete


TTG Compete is designed to get you started! We offer three different workout programs for one membership, choose the program that best suits YOU or switch between them when you need something new. Programs include daily warm-ups, session notes, video demonstrations, and more.

The three programs are

  • Prep: This is our introductory program that focuses on building a foundation of fitness to prepare athletes for the Intermediate, Tactical, or Team divisions.
  • Protocol: The advanced program with increased volume and intensity, building the top competitors in the Elite division.
  • PowerHour: A 60-minute session that focuses on traditional strength training.

Equipment Suggested: Barbell + weight; dumbbells; kettlebells; medicine ball; row erg; bike erg; pull-up bar; sandbags; farmer handles; ply box.
Note: This is a month-to-month program with daily programming. Your access will bill/renew on a monthly basis.