TTG Athlete Camp

The Tactical Games Athlete Camp

TTG Athlete Camp is a comprehensive and inclusive event that caters to both beginners and seasoned competitors. The event will be led by multiple instructors with years of experience in the sport and fitness/shooting space, offering a diverse range of expertise.

Participants will have the opportunity to select their desired training blocks to customize the event to meet their training needs. Whether it’s learning how to zero your weapon systems, lift your first sandbag, or refine your skills, our instructors have you covered.

You will have the opportunity to purchase gear and ammo onsite if desired.

Please note that your entry is non-refundable.

Athletes are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

A guide to help with deciding which division is right for you. Remember, you will be asked about your fitness and shooting levels individually.

  • Beginner: Just starting your fitness journey. In relation to shooting A beginner might have just purchased their first weapon.
  • Intermediate: Comfortable with fitness movements and looking for advice on technique. Understands firearms and may be comfortable shooting but interested in learning about the TTG specific style of shooting.
  • Advanced: Well rounded athlete looking for training tips for TTG. Is a competent TTG competitor looking for advice on optimization.
  • rifle w/sling
  • rifle optic
  • pistol w/holster
  • Clothing suitable for exercise and alternate clothing suitable for an outdoor shooting range
  • sunscreen
  • water
  • ear protection
  • eye protection
  • plate carrier
  • belt
  • magazine retention
  • ballistic rated sunglasses
  • shemagh
  • inner and outer ear protection

TTG Athlete Camp Dates