Virtual Challenges

Welcome to our Physical and Live-Fire Challenge series.

These challenges have been created to test the individual skills and strengths of our community of athletes. The challenges are open to all who wish to participate.


-Competitor must provide video proof of their performance to include time and or score.

-Video must be complete, unedited, and may not be altered in any way other than utilizing an application that imposes competitor information and time. If video is found to be edited in any way it will be invalidated and the competitor will be bared from further competition.

-Video must include competitor name, challenge month, and any other pertinent information such as distance as noted in the brief or weight required for the challenge.


It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to ensure the timely and successful submission of scores and videos each week. Submissions that
are incomplete (missing information such as the complete score or containing video links that do not work; etc.) will not be accepted. Scores are to be submitted by 7pm CST on the 25th of each month.

-Competitor is to upload a video of their performance of the challenge to their Social Media and tag appropriate entities. The use of hashtags will be required for TTG to review competitors videos.

-Score validation for any online video submission is the sole right of The Tactical Games.

-As part of this video validation process, the competitor’s posted score may be accepted, modified, or invalidated.

-Failure to follow the video submission guidelines, including recording movements from angles, distances, or with lighting effects that do not allow the TTG team to assess whether the movement standards are being met (Note: Due to the visual distortion they create, fisheye lenses
are not to be used in the filming of video submissions);
• Violation of the event format, including movement standards;
• Workout attire that prevents the judge from determining whether the athlete is meeting the movement standards; and
• Miscounting repetitions.
-Prior to submitting a video, competitors should review the video to ensure their reps meet the required standards; the camera angle, distance, and lighting permit the judge to determine
whether the movement standards are being met; and there are no technical problems with the video itself.

Physical Challenge Rules

YouTube player

August Physical Challenge will run August 1st – August 25th. Video submissions are due August 25th at 7pm CST.

Official Live-Fire Links

August Live Fire Challenge will run August 1st – August 25th.

YouTube player

-Competitor will start by announcing themselves, the date, and show video of clear target being stapled to backer.

-Competitor will then show measuring device noting 15′ distance between themselves and that target

-Competitor may start with both firearms loaded, pistol holstered and rifle slung. Hands will start touching eye protection.

-Upon an audible sound (beep) Athlete will begin shooting sequence. The December Liv-fire shooting sequence will be:

  • 3 rounds rifle, first two rounds to the low circle, third round to the top circle.
  • 3 rounds pistol, first two rounds to the low circle, third round to the top circle.

Time will stop once the 6th and final round is fired. If timing device is available it should be shown in the video.

:03 second penalty for each miss.

A round is counted as a hit if there is clear evidence that the “grease ring” is touching the ta

Load Out:

2 x 2 Rifle 3 x 2 Pistol

Set Up:

Distance from target to firing line 8 yards. A barricade will be placed 1 yard in front of firing line. The target will be 7 yards from barricade.

“Barricade” at 1yd from firing line. Minimum dimensions of barricade width = 18″ where shooting will occur

Course of Fire:

Competitor will begin with both feet behind the firing line, athlete may have both firearms loaded. Pistol must be holstered and rifle slung. Hands will start touching eye protection (worn appropriately on athletes head). On an audible “beep” the competitor may begin course of fire on L or R side of barricade. Every time a reload occurs the athlete must engage the target from the opposite side of the barricade. Engage 2 rifle, reload, engage 2 rifle. Then draw pistol and engage 2 pistol, reload, engage 2 pistol, reload and engage 2 pistol from one knee. 

Time stops when the last round is fired.

:03 penalty for each missed shot


March live fire challenge

Load out:
1×3 rifle
1×3 pistol 

Set up:
Target 5yd from the firing line 

Atheletes will start with both weapons loaded. Pistol holstered on safe. Rifle slung on safe.
On the audible sound, athletes will engage the target with one shot per shape with the rifle. Athletes will then draw the pistol and engage with one shot per shape with the pistol. Shapes may be shot in any order. 

One rifle and one pistol round hit on each of the 3 shapes for a clean run. 
-3 sec per miss

Use hashtag  #TTGLFMARCH23 and tag @ro