Women’s Elite


Since 2021 is the first year of Women’s Elite standards will be posted, after 2021 standards will be removed.

  • Ability to run a sub 10min/mile in full kit, or 9:05 slick.
  • Ability to move a 125# sandbag (push, pull, lift to waist height).
  • Ability to climb a rope in full kit
  • Perform tasks with 50-100# for a duration of 8-12min consistently
  • Generally in excellent physical condition and able to complete “functional fitness” workouts RX.

Elite Shooting Standards:

  • 80% accuracy on an “A zone” at 15 yards with a pistol under extreme physical duress.
  • 80% accuracy on a “C zone” at 150 yards with a rifle prone under extreme physical duress.
  • These are not the smallest targets or furthest distances that will be shot, however will offer a decent guideline on your ability to perform from reasonable shooting positions.

Elite Notes: 

  • These weights are not used in every battle, if there is something you cannot do, you will not do well in that particular battle but that does not mean you’re “out of the running.”  Heavy weighted events are designed in an increasing weight manner, meaning the weights will start light then get heavier.
  • In Elite if you come to an obstacle or task that cannot be completed you will remain there until time expires.  There are no burpee options in elite.